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Maritime Services

STS Cargo Transfer

We have a long-standing professional relationship with specialists that allows us to manage a full and thorough coverage of STS operations securely in accordance with international standards, rules, and laws. Our one-stop platform operates in the waterways of the Malaysia Region, run by a team of technical specialists who are well-trained and outfitted with equipment that has been certified by the industry.

We offer total STS solutions, including operations for both in-port and offshore STS transfers, using the best tools and most knowledgeable staff.

Risk Management System

Our Risk Management System mitigates potential hazards and unwanted incidents. To prevent any risk, our quality assurance is held to a high standard for the protection of ship owners, sailors, and the general public.

HSEQ Culture

Our procedures are designed with safety-first in mind. We practice risk assessment and containment to manage unexpected surprises and have a proactive HSEQ culture.

We maintain a secure working environment for all our personnel, including seafarers, and abide by all national and international laws.

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Acting upon insights from our extensive experience as Maritime Operators, our in-depth understanding of the market, and our passion for the project management sector, we transfer this knowledge to our clients, ensuring a no-nonsense, effective approach to completing their projects in terms of Cost, Quality, Time, and Safety.